Subject: Important Update: BobTheTurtle NFT Project Temporarily Dormant
Date: 03/08/2023

Dear BobTheTurtle Community and NFT Enthusiasts,

We hope this message finds you well and filled with excitement for the future of NFTs. Today, we have an important announcement regarding the BobTheTurtle NFT project.
After careful consideration and in light of certain developments, we have decided to temporarily make the BobTheTurtle NFT project dormant until further notice. This decision was not made lightly, but we believe it is in the best interest of the community and the project’s long-term success.

Please be assured that our decision to make the project dormant is not a sign of defeat but rather a strategic move to ensure that we can provide the best possible experience for our community and supporters. During this period, we will be reevaluating our goals, refining our vision, and exploring potential partnerships, including the possibility of bringing in new investors or transferring the project to an interested and qualified party who can carry the torch forward.

It’s essential to clarify that we have not launched any NFTs yet, and as such, there should not be any ongoing sales or offerings under the guise of BobTheTurtle NFTs. We urge all our loyal followers and NFT enthusiasts to be cautious and vigilant against any potential scam projects that may arise during this dormant phase.

While we cannot provide an exact timeline for when the project will be reactivated, we promise to keep you updated on our progress and future plans. We appreciate your understanding and continued support during this transitional period.
To stay informed about the latest developments, please continue following our official channels, including our website, social media profiles, and community communication platforms.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have believed in the BobTheTurtle NFT project since its inception. Together, we have created a passionate and inspiring community, and we are committed to safeguarding its interests as we move forward.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our official channels.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to embarking on the next exciting phase of the BobTheTurtle NFT journey with all of you.

Best regards,
Bobtheturtle team.
Email: [email protected]

Welcome to Bob The turtle

Hi, I am Bob!
A Hawksbill turtle by birth, I have a true passion for CNFTs! I also have a passion for the conservation of my kind. This is why I have asked the guys from Babluv&Bob NFT Studio in Diani Beach, Kenya, to help with getting me minted! ūüôā
2000 fun and unique versions of me will be sold soon, so watch this space and follow me on Discord and Twitter, also not to miss out on the giveaways! And if you hodle your version (s) of me, as a special thank you, royalties will come your way!
Yours turtley, Bob
Come be a winner with me and get your own Bob the Turtle CNFT while helping my conservation efforts.


Bobtheturtle is a CNFT project with a cause by NFT studio Babluv&Bob.

Located in Diani Beach, Kenya, we strive to provide not only reative and fun CNFTs, but to also give back to local non-for-profit organizations, one at a time.

Our first project, Bobtheturtle, stands for the support of The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle project in Kenya. Our partner, the Conservation Education Society of Kenya is facilitating our participation and donation to the cause.

Going forward Babluv&Bob endeavors to mint exclusive collections of NFTs on various chains, supporting a different cause and non-for-profit project each time.



The virtual space seems to be how interactions are evolving in the modern day. And we met the CardaStacks TM who are building an amazing metaverse and you will definitely bump into Bob the Turtle at CardaStacks. Hurry and get yourself a CardaStack now!



  • Develop CNFTs ‚ÄėBobTheTurtle‚Äô
  • Partner up with NGOs related to cause i.e – Conservation Education Society Kenya (
  • Collab with Cardastacks metaverse –Cardastacks Metaverse
  • Litepaper
  • Launch mint of 2000 Bobtheturtle CNFTs (1st round- Genesis) – Postponed TBD
  • Remit 10% of profit to NGO partner to support project
  • Post proof of work by NGO partner
  • Identify digital artists from local community via BabLuvAndBob NFT Studio
  • Commencement of CNFT Marketplace for BabLuvAndBob NFT Studio
  • Announcement of 2nd round drop
  • Launch mint of 4,000 Mrs BobTheTurtle (2nd round – Queen) Postponed – TBD
  • Announcement of 3rd round drop (EGGS)
  • Remit 10% of profit to NGO partner
  • Showcase proof of work from donated funds by NGO partner
  • Allocate 15% of profit to create CNFT Marketplace for BabLuvAndBob NFT Studio
  • Launch mint of EGGS. Hodlers with a PAIR will get a free airdrop.
  • Remit 10% of profit to NGO
  • Allocate 15% of profit to create CNFT Marketplace for BabLuvAndBob NFT Studio
  • Showcase the use of donated funds by NGO partner
  • Announcement of 2023 roadmap


Bobtheturtle is a CNFT project created by NFT studio BabLuvAndBob ( Bob the turtle is created to support the sea turtles in Diani, Kenya through our project partner –

TBA – To be advised, Price: TBD. (If there are any changes we will let you know!)

Minting address will be published on mint day on our website –

We are creating Nfts with a cause. BabluvAndBob Studio ( is here to create NFT’s that will be supporting non-profit organizations around East Africa.

We believe in giving back! Not only to our partner projects, but to all of you hodlers of BobTheTurtle  (and all future) BabLuvAndBob NFT projects

Profits: Hodle your BabLuvAndBob NFTs (in this case РBobTheTurtle) and receive profits from each sales commission of our planned online CNFT Marketplace. 1% from the Profits will be redistributed to all CNFT hodlers of any projects originating from BabLuvAndBob Nft Studio. 

Staking: Hodle a min of our CNFTS and you will be eligible to a 3 night stay holiday accommodation with our property partners. If you hold 75 of us you get 3 nights in an art loft/suite, 100 of us you get 3 nights in an Art villa with a private pool. (accommodation only AND its for TWO!). Details in the litepaper.


The eggs will drop during the hatchling season. Our hodlers with a minimum PAIR (1-Bob+1-Queen) will receive 1 airdropped egg FOC. Egg will hatch and you will have a new member in the Family! For those who don’t have a pair will still get the chance to mint them. The Egg Airdrop distribution chart is available in the litepaper.


Social Media Manager / Co-Founder
Community Project Manager
Tech / Co-Founder


You can reach us on [email protected]

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